Our Vendors

Every piece in this store is made by a local artist.

ribbonsWanda Gorman (Wanda’s Wonders):

Wanda’s Wonders has more than 10 years of providing quality handcrafted items in the Chestertown area.  A family owned and operated business; we strive on the quality and uniqueness of our products.  Gourds, bows and jewelry are just a few of the homemade items we create.  All of our products make great gifts for you or someone you know.


allie-gormanAllie Gorman

Allie Gorman is a native of Chestertown. She graduated from Washington College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and a minor in German. As an artist she dabbles in different fields and is one of the creative minds behind some of the jewelry, photography, and painted gourds. She has been making jewelry for 10 years and many of her designs are geared for a younger crowd, she has been painting gourd birdhouses and birdfeeders for 7 years and recently has taken up photography.


Betty & Bruce Mitchell (Sawdust And Lace )

A sustainable woodworking company that paints with wood and was started 15 years ago, although they have been scrolling for 25 years. Betty uses the natural color, grain and imperfections of the wood to determine what she will be making.  Many of the baskets that she makes will have knot holes or cracks in the bottom as this is a natural part of the tree. Bruce has been making cutting boards and using the lathe to turn sea urchin ornaments, pepper mills, bottle stoppers and other small items. They purchase all their lumber and supplies locally to support other small businesses. All their items are finished with a water proof glue, water based finish or mineral oil, all food safe.

linda-kLinda Kuiper (Emmalinda Originals)

Linda designs and makes Quilted Tote Bags and Quilted Jackets.  She can also make a custom Tote using favorite picture of a grandchild, dog, cat, family, friend, vacation, any favorite picture, transfer it to fabric and work with customers for the color scheme and size.  Her Quilted Jackets, adult and children sizes, are made with a sweatshirt base that makes them soft and warm and She’d be happy to work with  people to customize their jacket in their favorite colors.


beve-millerBeve Miller (Beve’s Creations)

Beve has been involved in the needle arts her whole life, and 15 years ago she started Beve’s Creations in Seattle. About 8 years ago a move to Chestertown has brought a new development in her embroidery. Being involved with the Chestertown Farmers Market has brought many opportunities for both wholesale and retail.



 megan-myersMeagan Myers (Beachin’ Glass)

Megan is a local from Chestertown and she began collecting seaglass as a child. Growing up she always enjoyed the beach. Every Sunday, she and her family would take boat rides to a small beach located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She has collected sea glass ever since. Upon entering high school, she enjoyed watching her grandmother make various treasures, one being sea glass jewelry. She taught her the basics of wire wrapping and slowly she began her own collection of tools, supplies, beads and, of course, her sea glass. She took time out each day to enjoy making her own unique items. Eventually she was asked to sell her jewelry in a local shop where her name really began to “get out.” She created a Facebook page and would sell  personally to locals. She then began attending  farmers markets and displaying at other boutiques and now is on Etsy! Every Sunday she kayaks around to shorelines and collects sea glass. Not only for her jewelry, but as a relaxing hobby. Each piece is unique in its own way and has a secret story behind it. Lots look at the sea glass as just another piece of trash lying on the beach but to her it is special.

Mary O’Bara

Mary O’Bara began painting at a young age. She painted on paper, wood, glass; anything that didn’t move. After she married and started a family there wasn’t much time for her hobby. Twenty years later she started painting again on driftwood, wood blocks, canvas and paper. She took some night classes at the local high school and studied with several local artists. She is comfortable with all mediums but especially likes the versatility of acrylics. She belongs to the Art League in Chestertown, MD and enjoys submiting works to hang. However her real passion is painting your house or pet on a block of wood to display on a shelf or window frame. Her painted plaques are in homes around the world in Africa, France, Canada and of course the United States. She has painted skyscrapers, under ground houses and mountain retreats. Organizations use the plaques as fundraisers.

Mike Riggin (DOC Merchandise, LLC)

DOC Merchandise, LLC is founded and run from a Christian point of view. The DOC stands for “Disciple of Christ” and thry want to honor God in all of their business practices. They produce custom items for the retail and wholesale markets. Thry are in Skippy’s Monday through Friday and at the Chestertown Artisan & Farmers Market on most Saturdays. They are well known for their hanging etched wine bottles. They also produce thousands of wholesale items from Banners, to business printing and also do laser engraving on wood, glass and other items.  Stop in Skippys during the week and ask about a custom bottle!

Steve Harty

Steve was born in Champaign, Illinois and moved to the DC area when he was 12.  His livelihood was 32 years as a union ironworker building bridges, structural steel and ornamental iron.  His passion or hobby has been trying to duplicate things made of wood.  When he sees a picture he wants to make it.  Things he has built have been coffee tables made out of wine barrels, rocking horses, toy chests, candle holders, lamps to look like boats, full size bars to look like boats, things made out corks, and any miscellaneous items.  He loves working with wood.

Bob & Maria Lamb

Bob and Maria live on the Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and make beautiful ornaments and fabric figurines.

Becky McVan

It all began with clay and a crab. After leaving a career in marketing and product development, Becky McVan took a class in basic pottery techniques. She fell in love with the process of shaping moist clay into forms that were functional, artistic and beautiful. Soon after, her interests turned to watercolor painting. She sold her creations to local gift shops and a rapidly growing group of collectors. With encouragement from family and friends, she started her business out of her home studio with lots of moist clay and one watercolor of a Maryland blue crab. Becky is a designer and manufacturer of gift, home and garden products. Exceptional quality, beauty and functionality abound in her extensive product lines.

Richard & Sue Michael- Suerich Enterprise (Bottle Slumpers)

Richard & Sue Michael are hobbyist bottle slumpers from Manheim, PA. They spend their summers at a cottage in Earleville, MD where they create our bottle crafts. They are both retired and started their hobby business about 6 years ago to supplement our retirement. They show their wares at craft shows, wine festivals and brew fests in PA, MD and DE. All their unique cheese and cracker trays, spoon rests, decorative beer wall hangings, and spreader knives are all hand crafted by just the two of them.

Quinton Weber

Quinton lives in Cecil County and makes beautiful pallet and wood art.  From sports teams to just about anything, Quinton creates unique works of art!

Judy Travis

Judy, also known as “the shell lady”,  lives in Chestertown.  Her unique framed shell art is a wonderful addition to your home or a great gift idea.

heather-collinsHeather Collins

Heather resides in Worton, Maryland she is the mother of three children.  She taught herself how to paint seventeen years ago while pregnant and on bed rest.   What started out as a little hobby for friends and family has turned into a small business.  She come from an artistic family; her father paints and woodworks, and her aunt is a local artist in the Tidewater, Virginia area. She loves to capture her vision onto a set of glasses.  Her designs are full of big, bold colors. Her most recognizable design is a whimsical multi-colored crab.  It has been featured in local papers and magazines.  Her work can be found in several shops and boutiques throughout the Eastern Shore. She specializes in hand painted glassware and custom wedding gifts and shower favors, but she does not limit my self to any one medium.  Her husband will say that he will come home one day to a freshly painted piece of furniture one day and a hundred painted baby food jars the next. She can customize any order.  She has painted many, many things from tiny shot glasses all the way to sets of furniture and everything in between.

David Wenck
David is from Centreville and he makes Bucktail Fishing Lures. His air brush lures come in many sizes.

mary-lou-troutmanMary Lou Troutman

Mary Lou Troutman was born in 1957 and grew up in the countryside of Southern Maryland. From an early age she began expressing her talents and upon graduation from St. Mary’s Academy (where she won the senior art achievement award) she attended Md. College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Between high school and her first year of college she met a man that would change her life and career for the better. In the fall of 1977 she married Jeff Troutman, who immediately recognized her talent for art and took her work to a local art league where she has been exhibiting ever since. Mary Lou and Jeff returned to her home town of Dameron, a small country town located along the Chesapeake Bay on the southern tip of St. Marys’ county. From her woodland studio she kept close company with the abundance of nature which surrounded her. St. Marys’ county with it’s creeks, marches, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay, provided a never ending and unique mix of subject matter. Mary Lou has developed a personal feeling of nostalgia for the “way it was” way of life along the Chesapeake. Her detailed acrylic painting reflect a strong sense of light with a realistic touch. Mary Lou’s career could not exist without the constant help of her family. Jeff, who does most of the shows, Andy, her son, and Shannon, her daughter, who do most of the matting and framing. Through the years of recognition, numerous awards and artistic achievements her work has become a part of both private an corporate collections that span from coast to coast. Mary Lou was chosen for Marylands’ 1994 Ducks Unlimited sponsor Artist

anna-rigginAnna Riggin

Anna has always enjoyed doing crafts and sewing.  Sh retired from Kent County Planning and Zoning office in 2007 and is now helping out in Skippy’s Riverside Gifts and More shop. She still enjoys making one of a kind gifts and crafts- especially making things from recycled materials. She loves making anything unique and different.



pope-travers Pope Travers

Pope, also known as “the leatherman”, lives in Church Hill, MD. He creates custom belts, key chains, card holders money clips, etc.



Sara Gorman

Sara was born and raised on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, in Chestertown. For many years her passion has been the arts, imagining and creating art using different mediums. She enjoys painting gourds that become beautiful bird houses, bird feeders, accent lights, or any creation she can think of. She also enjoys creating unique and fun jewelry for those of all ages, using anything from everyday items to unique and beautiful beads and chains. She has recently rekindled her love of photography and thus have had the opportunity to go out in the world and creatively document the special places she has visited. She loves to travel and can always be found with her awesome fiancé Frank, amazing dog Daisy and her camera ready to explore the next new place and capture the beauty that nature has on display.

Howard Eveland

Howard creates custom corn hole boards with bags.  Skippy’s features the Ravens board.

Peter Renk

Peter is from Milford, DE where he makes wonderful scented candles.

Chase Jones

Chase lives in Chestertown, MD  and makes parachute bracelets in all sizes and colors.

Donna Legg (Bootleggers’ Rustic Boutique)

Bootleggers’ Rustic Boutique is owned and operated by the Legg Family. They specialize in wreaths, using hand wrapped vine, burlap, deco mesh, artificial and fresh greens. They love to work with customers to create a design unique to their needs! They also make table arrangements using silk flowers, vines, or anything else we can think of, available in all sizes. During the holiday season they have white wooden crosses decorated with fresh greens and ribbon, perfect for your cemetery needs, as well as grave wreaths and blankets. Please check out their Facebook page, there is sure to be a one of kind treasure waiting for you!

Carol Beaven

Carol lives in Chestertown, MD where she makes ruffled scarves in beautiful colors.

tom-mchughTom McHugh

Tom McHugh has been a teacher all of his life…teenage camp counselor, boarding school house parent, middle and high school teacher, and college professor. With undergraduate and graduate degrees from Temple University and The University of Pennsylvania, (BS,Ed; M.ED. and Ph.D) he started his college teaching career at Washington College, Chestertown Maryland. This little school located in the beautiful setting of the Eastern Shore of Maryland made a lasting impact on Tom. From WC, he moved to Vassar College as Chair of The Department of Education and a member of the American Culture Program faculty. Vassar became his career position, and he retired in the early nineties as a full professor. He moved back to Rock Hall, Kent County Maryland to raise his two girls in the Eastern Shore setting. “When I retired early from Vassar I vowed to my students that I would take the things learned at Vassar and convert them for use in some other setting.Those things Vassar taught me were a love of community service, that every act is a teaching act, that the best learning takes place in settings which are artistic and creative, and that the arts are critical to any learning atmosphere.” So, in 1997, Tom founded The Mainstay as a community center for the arts. As they say, “the rest is history”…over 750 concerts , art shows, and community gatherings, national level performers, a venue for local talent, a support for local schools and children, and much more. Tom credits his teaching experience and his lifelong work as a musician (banjo, voice, blues harp, Native American flute, and a mean kazoo) for his success at The Mainstay. When Tom McHugh receives accolades for the quality of music he brings to his home town, he laughs..”Are you kidding? I get to bring scores of wonderful musicians to an almost perfect acoustic setting, and I get to meet them, hear them, and I don’t pay a cent from my pocket!”

Sharon West

After 42 years of working for the same company, Sharon was laid off. But she says “don’t feel sorry for me because I danced out of the office with Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” playing as loud as it could on my iPhone. Not only was I relieved to be done with all the corporate America stress, I was also very excited to have the chance to learn more about the art of pottery that I had been dabbling in for years, and see where that leads me”.

She primarily work with slabs of clay or hand-build my pieces, as opposed to making them on the wheel. She create leaf tiles from real leaves, or press antique batik wood block stamps, lace, shells or other items into the clay to make patterns and designs. Sometimes she just takes a ball of clay and hand build bowls of all sorts, or even piece together various decorated pieces of clay to make quilt-like wall art. Each piece is meticulously hand cut or hand formed, then fired, glazed, and refired. All glazes are lead free, however, due to the intricate details she produces, it is recommended that they be used for decorative purposes only. In many cases, making the tiles is just the first step in making beautiful tabletops, trays, backsplashes, wall art, decorated vintage pieces, and on and on. The fun she says is that “I never know what I’ll come up with next. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it”.

Erika Hercher

Erica lives in Church Hill, MD  where she creates dog collars, leashes and unique pillows.

Lisa Ford

Lisa lives in Centreville, MD where she makes up-cycled jewelry with a flair.  A must to see!

Justin Smith

Justin lives in Ridgely, MD. He is a farrier that creates the most unique art out of horseshoes.

Pam Booth

Pam lives in Bowie, MD where she makes hand towels in many beautiful designs that fit over your stove handle.

Nancy McTear

Nancy lives in Still Pond, MD where she makes gorgeous, unique aprons.

Jenny Lee and Ricky Freebery

This couple moved from Wilmington Delaware after falling in love with Chestertown. Jenny is a Washington College alumni who works for Maryland Department of Agriculture and Ricky is a radio producer. Together they have created lamps designed for a sports fan out of an oversized beer bottle with the team logo- perfect for a true fan!